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calligraphy_detail-1Where the quill teaches the ink to dance…

An intricate and elegant yet endangered craft, the word ‘calligraphy’ is derived from: calli- kalos in Greek, meaning “fine,” and -graphy from the Greek grapho, meaning “write.” And the term ‘illumination’ comes from the Latin word illuminare, meaning to “light up” with the purpose of making the pages of a book glow with vivid colors and burnished gold.

calligraphy_detail-4Elemental and pure, and found at the crossroads of beauty and nobility, penmanship is a discipline that trains us to think more deliberately. Research shows that cursive handwriting brings cognitive benefits, teaches patience, develops better focus, improves memory, and facilitates better learning across all fields of study. Mindful forming of longhand letters also activates creative thinking, proving that penmanship is as indispensible a skill today as it was before the era of the keyboard.

calligraphy_detail-3With well over 30 years of experience, TRUE NORTH GRAPHICS offers calligraphy and penmanship services in various hands (scripts) for various purposes including formal certificates, invitations, monograms, scrolls, commemorative inscriptions and maps, all with or without illumination or embellishments.

Authentic parchment available upon request.

In a master calligrapher’s hand, the pen really is mightier than the sword.

Work appears in the following books:


“Handwriting is the intimate expression of emotions, wishes and dreams made visible on paper. It is an intensely private occupation that can never be exactly duplicated, yet always reveals a glimpse of the writer’s soul.”

~Michael Sull


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